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Can Domestic Cats Survive On Their Own?

05 Nov 2016 20:00

A widespread belief about cats is that they are not really domesticated, but are rather still wild animals that only tolerate or exploit human beings for resources. This belief is usually only harbored by those who have never lived with a cat, but even some cat lovers may have read that cats are only partly domesticated. Whether or not cats are "fully domesticated" is a complex question which depends greatly on how we define domestication. The real question is can an indoor cat survive outside?…

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Should You Use a Covered Litter Box?

05 Jun 2016 19:46

Lots of people imagine that a covered litter box makes kitty feel safer when they are using it. It's a nice cozy place there they can have privacy, and feel protected. That's the rationalization, but the practical reason for using a covered box is because the enclosure helps control odor and the high sides help contain litter and urine spray….

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How Often Should You Scoop a Cat's Litter Box?

05 Jun 2016 18:44

So you've been scooping your cat's litter box every couple of days? And it's a stinky mess? And, what's more, it's a royal pain in the butt? You've already discovered, then, that once every couple of days is not enough….

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How Much Litter Do You Need in A Cat's Litter Box?

05 Jun 2016 17:58

How much kitty litter to use is a fairly common question. I must admit, though, that I was prompted to write this explanation after seeing Jackson Galaxy on "My Cat From Hell" talking about how much cat litter to use. This guy…does he just make stuff up? (That would be yes, it seems so)….

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Why Do Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before Pouncing?

05 Jun 2016 17:02

The wiggle of the cat's butt seems like an Mohammed Ali taunt. It's like they are saying, "I'm gonna get you sucker." When you play with your cat, perhaps dangling a mouse on a string, or when your cat plays with another cat, she may rear back, lowering her front and digging in her claws (if possible), and placing her weight on her hind legs, head low, butt high. Then, she wiggles her butt. You know she is about to pounce….

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Poinsettias And Cats: What Do You Need To Know?

09 Jan 2016 21:34

Every year, thousands of Poinsettia plants, or "Christmas Poinsettias" are brought into homes for the winter holidays. Many of use with cats are concerned about the poinsettia's poisonous reputation, especially concerning cats and dogs. Are poinsettias poisonous to cats? Should you not bring the plant into your house at all? Or, should you make sure to keep your cat away from it?…

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Why Does My Cat Suddenly Groom At Odd Times?

24 Dec 2015 22:25

Most cat people have noticed that cats pick the strangest times to suddenly start grooming a paw or licking themselves at random places on their body.

Have you ever seen this happen? Your cat is having a play fight with your other cat, he reaches out to swipe her on the head, and instead he pulls his paw back and starts licking it. Or, in the middle of an intense stare-down with his playmate, he looks away and starts licking….

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Does Your Cat Think You're a Giant Furless Cat?

23 Dec 2015 07:31

It has been a running joke at our house for many years. Our cats think we are giant, oddly shaped cats with an unfortunate fur deficiency. They also think that we are the dumbest cats they've ever known. Sometimes it seems like more than a joke. We often wonder what our cats think of us. Do they recognize us as another kind of animal? Or, since they are "part of our family" do they think of us as weird, lumbering cats?…

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