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Is It Really Dangerous for Cats to Eat Onions?

12 Mar 2018 21:48

My little cat Petey loves these turkey 'snack sticks' I keep around. He isn't generally crazy about people food but he is obsessed with these things. Problem is, they are basically sausages, something you should avoid giving to cats. There may be all sorts of things in sausage that could be bad for your cat, but specifically, I'm afraid of the potential presence of onions or other allium vegetables….

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Poinsettias And Cats: What Do You Need To Know?

09 Jan 2016 21:34

Every year, thousands of Poinsettia plants, or "Christmas Poinsettias" are brought into homes for the winter holidays. Many of use with cats are concerned about the poinsettia's poisonous reputation, especially concerning cats and dogs. Are poinsettias poisonous to cats? Should you not bring the plant into your house at all? Or, should you make sure to keep your cat away from it?…

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Human OTC Pain Drugs That are Poisonous to Cats

16 Dec 2015 08:05

Many people, when their cat is not feeling well, assume that what works for a human will work for a cat. However, most of the drugs that humans take, and even which are given to dogs, cannot be given to cats. Cats are extremely sensitive to a variety of drugs and many common over-the-counter medications are toxic to cats, and may lead to death if ingested and immediate medical care is not given….

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Do Cats Need Vitamin C?

13 Dec 2015 23:30

With all the nutritional products marketed to cats and dogs, including vitamins, you must wonder if a cat really needs any of this. Lots of people wonder if cats need vitamin C, for instance, since it is so important for humans. Even a basic knowledge of nutrition will tell you that there is no vitamin C in meat!…

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Do Cats Eat Grass and Plants Because They're Sick?

09 Dec 2015 00:43

Both outdoor, indoor, and in-between cats will occasionally eat plants. Grass tends to be a favorite, but as cat people will tell you, they will nibble on all sorts of plants, including house plants….

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