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Is Milk Really Bad For Cats

19 Mar 2018 06:22

Is it true that cat's are lactose intolerant and you should never give them milk?

I've been noticing this statement about cats appearing in more and more places on the web: Cats are lactose intolerant! They cannot handle the lactose in milk and so if you give them milk it will hurt their stomach and give them diarrhea. Is this true? The truth is that while some cats are lactose intolerant, not all cats seem to be. In this way, they are similar to humans. But, this doesn't necessarily mean you should let your cat have lots of milk….

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Ball of Yarn for Cat Toy?

01 Jun 2017 20:40

The ball of yarn has long been the quintessential cat toy. Some people, in fact, consider it the ideal cat toy. Not only is this a myth, it is a dangerous one. Cat's may love to play with a ball of yarn, but they love to play with all sorts of things that could be dangerous for them….

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How To Use a Flea Comb to Check Your Cat for Fleas

20 Apr 2017 21:27

When someone suspects their cat has fleas, I'm usually the guy called on the check it out. Fleas are not always obvious, after all. Unless the infestation is particularly severe, you won't see fleas jumping around like they're in a circus, and you may not even notice any symptoms such as scratching. Or, the symptoms could be generic, such as hair loss, which could also be due to contact allergies, etc.

But, checking for fleas is not rocket surgery. It's easy to check for yourself and all you need is one very simple piece of equipment….

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How to Get Your Cat to Not Be Afraid of the Carrier

19 Apr 2017 20:45

You should never transport your cat in a car without a cat carrier. First, it is very dangerous to have a cat wandering around the car while you drive, and second, the carrier helps to protect your cat from injury should an accident occur. There is even one more reason you may not have thought about, which I will explain below.

But, as most of us have experienced, a ride in the carrier is very stressful for a cat. Some will yowl the entire trip, and perhaps even start panting, a severe sign of stress in cats….

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NO, You Can't Feed Your Cat a Vegan Diet

11 Apr 2017 03:47

In June of 2014 the image of an article started circulating on Facebook. The headline read '"Vegan" Kitten Nearly Dies." Is it true? Did a kitten nearly die from being fed a vegan diet?…

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