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Can Cats Taste Food the Same as Humans?

02 Feb 2017 20:53

Since cats can be so very finicky about what they eat, you would think they have a highly refined palate and a refined sense of taste. Just as they can smell more than we humans, must they also be more attuned to the tastes in foods? Or, don't they at least have the same basic level of taste perception as we do?…

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Do A Cat's Whiskers Grow Back?

13 Dec 2015 21:24

Everyone once in a while, you may find a strange, long, white hair lying around. Upon further examination, you realize it is one of your cat's whiskers. You are aware that your cat needs her whiskers. They are an important part of a cat's equipment. If they fall out, could this be harmful?…

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When Do Kittens Get Their Teeth?

12 Dec 2015 00:10

Cats, just like humans, get their baby teeth first, which are replaced later by permanent teeth. They are born without any teeth. At least, they are born without any teeth yet visible….

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Do Cats Really Have a Third Eyelid?

10 Dec 2015 16:36

You've heard about this third eyelid that cats have, but when you look, you don't see it. Do they have three eyelids? And, if so, where is the third one?…

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Are All Calico Cats Female?

10 Dec 2015 04:52

During my employment as a veterinary technician, I was always learning new and fascinating facts about animals. One tidbit that everyone was quick to throw around was that all calicoes were female. When I was told this, I asked why, and I was informed that coat color in cats is sex-linked. The X chromosome has the genes for color, and therefore all calico cats are females….

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