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Does Your Cat Recognize Itself in the Mirror?

09 Apr 2017 22:10

Can other animals recognize their own reflection? This is one of the most interesting questions in animal psychology and leads to some quite entertaining films. It does seem that chimpanzees, orangutans, dolphins, and maybe elephants seem to know they are looking at themselves in the mirror, at least after some experience. But what about cats?…

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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

17 Mar 2017 01:08

First of all, not all cats hate water and avoid it. Some cats, both big and small, domesticated and wild, enjoy water and even like to go swimming. Tigers, for instance, have been known to go into the water voluntarily. So, if you ever get chased by one, don't think water is a refuge!…

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Cats Are Not Fur People

16 Mar 2017 23:55

I've already tried to debunk the claim, often couched in scientific terms, that your cat thinks you are a giant furless cat. That is a silly and quite unprovable claim but at its heart is another, perhaps harmful myth:

Your cat is a furry little human. Many of us think of our cats as our children. Not only do we prescribe human emotions to them, but human needs. We treat them like humans, instead of cats….

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Do Cats Play with Prey Because They Are Sadistic?

21 Nov 2016 02:21

You will notice something about people who dislike cats. They are quick to point out when a cat person is anthropomorphizing but unable to recognize when they themselves are doing it. This is a function of confirmation bias, to name but one cognitive heuristic that clogs our thinking. So, to wonder is a cat is sadistic, is to assign human motivations and feelings to it. Yet, many of us have seen a cat seem to play with a mouse before killing it. It's as if the cat is delighting in torturing the poor little creature before finally dispatching it. So, are cats sadistic?…

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Can Domestic Cats Survive On Their Own?

05 Nov 2016 20:00

A widespread belief about cats is that they are not really domesticated, but are rather still wild animals that only tolerate or exploit human beings for resources. This belief is usually only harbored by those who have never lived with a cat, but even some cat lovers may have read that cats are only partly domesticated. Whether or not cats are "fully domesticated" is a complex question which depends greatly on how we define domestication….

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