Get A Bird Feeder For Your Cat

Posted on 17 Mar 2017 02:41 by EricT


Cats love to watch birds, and that is why you should get a bird feeder for your cat. No, not so the cat can eat bird seed, but to attract birds to your yard so your cat can enjoy watching them through the window. Your cat probably already spends a lot of time in the window looking over his domain. And some of that time is spent watching and reacting to birds.

A bird feeder within view of your cat's favorite window can provide her with hours of entertainment.

And, while your cat is excited by the birds, you can be entertained by that weird chattering noise she makes and post a YouTube video of that weird mouth thing she does.

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Why Have a Bird Feeder to Entertain Cats?

Cat's see birds as prey and when they watch birds outside, they will react to them as if they are potential prey. Many self-proclaimed cat behaviorists may claim that watching birds but not being able to catch them will be frustrating and harmful to your cat. However, cats quickly learn that they can't catch the birds, and yet will settle down to watch them, sometimes for hours. There is no indication that this is anything more than fun and even relaxing and entertaining for a cat. You like to watch television. Well, your cat likes to watch birds. And, if the birds see the cat they too will learn that they are safe. The more engaging activities for your cat to do the more happy and healthy your cat will be, without developing the behavioral issues that can come from an unfulfilling environment.


Once you get your bird feeder in place, you might want to put a window hammock or cat perch in the window so he or she can enjoy their hobby in comfort.

You may, of course, find that squirrels take advantage of the bird feeder. But your cat will love the squirrels. There are solutions for keeping squirrels out of bird feeders you can try.


No Birdfeeder for Indoor/Outdoor Cats

A bird feeder will provide a great resource of the local birds and you too might enjoy observing seeing them. But, if your cat goes outdoors and is a good hunter, having a bird feeder will basically be luring songbirds to their doom. This is inhumane and, even if this does not bother you, you probably will not enjoy all the little bird carcasses your cat brings to the door. So, bird feeders are only for indoor cats!

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