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Hi, my name is Eric, and I write all the articles on this site.

Cats are curious creatures, in both senses of the word. At CatCurious, I offer the curious cat's human answers to all sorts of questions about the mysterious feline.

Why Should You Visit This Site Instead of Other Cat Blogs

There are lots of good cat-related websites and blogs! You can find all sorts of useful information. What I can tell you is what is different here. I get to the point. You will not have to read through paragraph after paragraph of my attempts to connect with you personally in order to make you think you are getting something you are not. You will find the information you are looking for instead of a lot of unrelated ramblings and two lines of practical insight buried within them. Blogs on cats are often about people, not cats. This site is about cats. This is not to say there is anything wrong with blogs about cats, only that my aim here is to give you information that solidly relates to cats (and their relationship with humans). That may just mean that my personal experience isn't as relevant as more baseline statistical information and scientific evidence regarding our feline friends. Having said that, I can't leave out a few tidbits about Petey and Miranda!

My Qualifications

I worked as a veterinary technician for many years, as well as having been around cats my entire life. I also have a solid background in health sciences and science in general; history, and sociology.

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